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BestPriceForex is India’s online forex portal  at zero margin rates with free doorstep delivery . We are providing you 100% security and get instant quotes.


Bank-Beating Currency Exchange Rate | Currency Rate in Kanpur Today |

Welcome to Kanpur!

  • Looking to buy or sell foreign currency near Kanpur? Look no further. Get the best forex rates in Kanpur with along with free doorstep delivery!*. Place your forex order in just a few clicks and soon you’ll have your currency delivered to your doorstep at the best rates!
Bank-Beating Currency Exchange Rate | | Currency Rate in Kanpur Today

Best Currency Rates in Kanpur

  • You don’t need to work hard to get the best currency rates in Kanpur. All you have to do is log on to our website and we will make the rest of the task easy as pie for you! Click on the button below and we’ll take you to our live rates, on that page you will be able to see the best rates in Kanpur that anyone can offer and therefore, you can easily place an order for your choice of foreign currency and overcome all your hurdles and have a hassle-free and superb vacation abroad!
Grab the Best Forex Prices and Save Money

Grab the Best Forex Prices and Save Money

  • Foreign currency exchange is one of the most important aspects of an international vacation. Our expertise in this field ensures that we provide the highest quality service, on-time delivery and the best rates in the market. Want to grab best price forex and save money on your vacation? Or want to transfer money abroad to your loved ones at the best rates and instantly? You are at the right place!
  • Kanpur is the hub of forex dealers and we strive to stand out and be your ideal foreign exchange currency dealer. Alongwith giving the best rates on buying/selling foreign currency, also offers multicurency forex cards from renowned banks to make your trip a seamless one as well as easy money transfers abroad. All in all, we strive to offer a unique forex experience to fulfil all your forex or currency requirements from one portal.
  • Ready to book forex at the best rates? Let’s go!
About Us

About Us

  • is an online venture of Supreme Securities Limited- and Authorized Dealer II from Reserve Bank of India, and a trusted brand in the business of Foreign Exchange and international Money Transfer. The company has been providing cost-effective and varied financial services of highest quality for the past 25 years.
Foreign Currency Exchange | Free Same Day Door Delivery‎ | Online Currency Exchange

Contact us

  • Please feel free to get in touch with us by visiting our website and put a query or talk with us at +91 8447532226, WhatsApp us at +91 8447532226 or mail us at or put a callback request for your requisite for prompt and reasonable currency conversion rates
Buy or Sell Forex and Send Money Abroad

Buy or Sell Forex and Send Money Abroad

  • If you are traveling abroad or have just returned from a memorable trip abroad and have leftover currency or if you want to transfer money to your relatives abroad from India, At Best Price Forex, we have a solution to all your foreign currency requirements.
  • We provide BEST PRICES, FAST SERVICE and TOP CUSTOMER SUPPORT to help you out. Check our live rates on our website to ensure that you get 100% transparency. Enjoy quick service at ZERO COMMISSION and BEST FOREX RATES.
  • One of the trusted forex providers for quick and efficient service at the best prices, Best Price Forex is a community of satisfied customers. Our currency experts aim to support and provide reliable assistance in satisfying the wants of the customers. Our auxiliary tools like “Rate Alert” and “Block Rate” allow the customers customise their forex experience and get the best service possible.
  • Our priority is the ultimate satisfaction of our valued customers and the same goes for our customers looking for best forex deals in Kanpur!

Get the Best from Best Price Forex

  • Easy modes for best currency exchange dealings
  • Quick transactions
  • Safety and Security
  • Best exchange rates
  • Send money abroad directly to foreign accounts
  • Tracking Order Facility available
  • Rate blocking service to block currency forex rate
  • Rate notification service to notify when rate is suitable
  • Live Currency Rates
  • Transparent, and Risk less disposal of services for customers satisfaction
  • Rapid notifications and alert upon transaction

Foreign Currencies Offered

  • US Dollar(USD)
  • Euro
  • UAE Dirham(AED)
  • Saudi Riyal(SAR)
  • Australian Dollar(AUD)
  • Canadian Dollar(CAD)
  • Omani Riyal(OMR)
  • Singapore Dollar
  • Swiss Franc
  • Hong kong Dollar
  • Thai Baht
  • New Zealand Dollar
  • Great British Pound (GBP) and many more